A Statement by Wycombe Constituency Labour Party About the Situation in Gaza

Members of Wycombe Constituency Labour Party are deeply concerned about the ongoing humanitarian crises unfolding in Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian corridors to be opened up to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Israel suffered a brutal terrorist attack at the hands of Hamas, and we respect the right of Israel to defend itself from such atrocities within the parameters defined by International Law.  We condemn the murder of innocent Israeli citizens by Hamas and call for the immediate release of all hostages taken.  However, the Palestinian people are not Hamas and International Law clearly prohibits the collective punishment of a civilian population and we condemn the bombing of hospitals, schools and refugee camps by the Israeli military and the indiscriminate murder of innocent Palestinian citizens.  The Palestinian people cannot be held responsible for the actions of a minority terrorist group.

Universal access to humanitarian aid including access to water, medicines, fuel, food and shelter must be provided to the Palestinians as a matter of the utmost urgency.  To facilitate this, we call for the UK government and its international partners to call for an immediate ceasefire.

We are members of the Labour Party because we share a commitment to the values of social justice, human rights and equality – all lives are of equal value whether they are those of Israeli citizens or the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank.  We recognise that a political solution is required, and advocate for the creation of two states living in peace side by side respecting each other’s right to exist as the only answer to the current crises.  A ceasefire is required to allow the international community to begin to build the path to peace and the two-state solution.

Wycombe Constituency Labour Party also notes the disturbing rise in Islamophobic and Antisemitic incidents and utterly condemn such behaviour.  We stand with all communities of Wycombe – our unity and diversity is our strength.

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